What are the best books on illness? In this recommended list you will find books about illness for both children and adults. Read along…

What kind of books can you find in this list?

This top 10 list is quite diverse around the topic of illness. For example, you will find books about medicine, mental health, self-healing capacity, and many common illnesses. Let’s go to the book list on the theme: sick and healthy. We start our recommendations with the top 10 best books about Illness of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

Books About IllnessAuthor
A Country Doctor’s NotebookMikhail Bulgakov
The Doctor StoriesWilliam Carlos Williams
A Fortunate ManJohn Berger
The Bell JarSylvia Plath
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a HatOliver Sacks
 Illness as MetaphorSusan Sontag
Darkness Visible: A Memoir of MadnessWilliam Styron
On Immunity: An InoculationOn Immunity: An Inoculation
Religio MediciThomas Browne
Adventures in Human BeingGavin Francis

The updated top 10 list: the best books about illness

Smoke and Mirrors: How You Are Being Fooled About Mental Illness – An Insider’s Warning to Consumers

If you don’t believe that mental illnesses can be fixed with medicine, or if you want to challenge your beliefs about our western health system, then we advise you to read this book in our top ten.

Personality Disorders and Mental Illnesses: The Truth About Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and Narcissists 

We think this book by Clarence Rivers could be interesting for many people who deal with mental disorders, whether it concerns family or friends. Getting yourself familiar with the many different types of disorders can help you understand their behavior.

Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

The use of marijuana leads to violence, as Alex Berenson has researched. If you start with marijuana at an early age, you run a higher risk of developing a mental illness too. This is information every child that is considering using recreational marijuana should know.

No One Cares About Crazy People: The Chaos and Heartbreak of Mental Health in America 

History shows that dealing with people with mental health issues has not been a priority in the United States. The writer combines history with his personal experience of dealing with schizophrenia, that both of his sons were diagnosed with.

I Can Help Take Care Of Me: A book about Type 1 diabetes (Learning to Live with Diabetes for Children)

If your child suffers from diabetes, then this book can help. It explains what diabetes is and how the child itself can try to lead a normal life. There is life after the diagnosis, and your child should be able to influence this life itself.

In Sickness and in Mental Health: Living with and Loving Someone with Mental Illness

We like the title of this book, as it clearly demonstrates that marriage (between the writer and her husband) can withstand life’s obstacles even if they both struggle with mental issues.

Mama Has Hyperemesis Gravidarum (But Only For A While)

This book is suitable for 5 and 6 year olds who have a mother with HG. It can be helpful during the pregnancy of the mother, as it explains what HG is and what the effect on the family can be.

Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease: Powerful Answers to Your Questions About Healing and Disease Prevention

Henry Wright discovered that 4 out of 5 illnesses can be healed and recovered from by prayer. This book proposes to reconnect with God in order to deal with the spiritual root of your illness.

Biography of Resistance: The Epic Battle Between People and Pathogens

When people become resistant to antibiotics, there is a global health crisis on the horizon. This book explains why and how microbes can turn into superbugs. Are we ready to learn about pathogens and do what needs to be done to stop the world from spiraling out of control over greed and other causes?

EMF*D: 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself

Electromagnetic fields have long been discussed in the media. They say they have a bad effect on your health. Joseph Mercola has done research on the subject and shares his findings.

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