What are the best books about trees you must read? So that you can enrich your knowledge about trees in America, Europe and further abroad? We give you our best recommendations here. Read along…

The top 10 best books about trees

Trees are an important part of our nature. Read in the books below about trees within our borders, in our neighboring countries or learn more about trees all over the world. The experts have their say. We start our recommendations with the top 10 best books about Trees of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

Best Books About TreesAuthor
The Hidden Life of Trees: The Illustrated EditionPeter Wohlleben
The Sibley Guide to TreesDavid Allen Sibley
A Natural History of North American TreesDonald C. Peattie
The Giving TreeShel Silverstein
Master tree finder: A manual for the identification of trees by their leavesTheilgaard Watts
The Secret Life of TreesColin Tudge
The Wild TreesRichard Preston
Trees: Their Natural HistoryPeter Thomas
The Tree Book: For Kids and Their Grown-upsGina Ingoglia
The Journeys of Trees: A Story about Forests, People, and the Future Zach St. George

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The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate—Discoveries from A Secret World (The Mysteries of Nature Book 1)

Peter Wohlleben believes that a forest is a social network of trees. His research shows that trees live mostly as human families. You can feel with every word that you read in this book that this writer loves trees and everything about them.

I Am a Tree: Learn About Tree | Teach About Trees to Your Kids | Children’s Book About Tree

This book is suitable for small children , and it teaches them about what trees are and why we need trees on the planet. After reading this book, your child will look different at trees and forests.

Wise Trees

It took the two writers of this book two years to complete their travels to 5 continents and to visit 59 sites with trees there. Discover some of the most inspirational or historic trees and dream away with the beautiful pictures.

Trees: Between Earth and Heaven (1)

Art Wolfe in a photographer who is capable of capturing the true essence of trees. It doesn’t matter if it is a single tree or an entire forest, he makes the most remarkable pictures. For this book he went to 6 continents and found out about myths, cultures and traditions that involve trees.

The Sibley Guide to Trees (Sibley Guides)

Do you know how to identify a tree when you see one? David Allen Sibley’s guide will help with his illustrations of trees in North America. Check out the similarities, but also the smallest details that sets one apart from the other species.

Seeds and Trees: A children’s book about the power of words

Different seeds turn into different trees, and not all trees need the same care as others. That is why a young prince decides to move some of the trees to a place that suits them better.

Tall Tall Tree: A Nature Book for Kids About Forest Habitats (A Rhyming Counting Book with STEAM Activities)

Although this book was written for 3 to eight year old children, the information shared with you is based on scientific research. Redwood trees that grow along California’s coast play a key role, but everything that finds their home in a redwood tree is also mentioned.

The Tree Book: Superior Selections for Landscapes, Streetscapes, and Gardens

Are you planning to redesign your garden and do you want advice on what trees to plant? This book consists of a description of over 2,400 tree species, and their profile will make it easy for you to choose the ones that are best for your garden.

Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Plant Kingdom (Smithsonian) 

This book is suitable for children age 9 to 12, and we think that they will especially like the close-ups in ‘Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds’. From trees that bring food to the table to trees with strange-looking fruits, you will see it all in this encyclopedia.

National Geographic Field Guide to the Trees of North America: The Essential Identification Guide for Novice and Expert

If you love to walk trails, then we suggest you buy this book to take it along with you on your walks. You will find every tree in North America in it, and how to identify one from the other. 

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