During the dark days, but also when the spring fever flares up again, there is often nothing better than a good erotic novel. That’s why we give you the best erotic novels here. Read along…

The best erotic novels ever

We start our recommendations with the top 10 best Erotic Novels of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

The Best Erotic NovelsAuthor
A Kingdom of DreamsJudith McNaught
The Kiss QuotientHelen Hoang
Follow Me DarklyHelen Hardt
And Playing the Role of HerselfK.E. Lane
SetAlexandria House
RushMaya Banks
Backstage Pass: Sinners on TourOlivia Cunning
Romancing the Duke: Castles Ever AfterTessa Dare
ForeverJudy Blume
Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic FantasyJoanna Angel

The updated top 10 list: the best erotic novels

Your Name Written on Water: An Erotic Novel

Sofia is an architect’s wife in the Spanish capital, and when out for lunch, she meets her lookalike, Marina. There is in instant attraction between the two, so when Marina leaves for Italy, she decides this is her chance to escape her husband.

Nothing Between Us (Loving on the Edge Series Book 7)

Colby leads a double life. On the one hand he is a counselor, and on the other hand he is a dom at a BDSM retreat. When he finds out that Georgia, his neighbor, is spying on him, he decides he can he can play the perfect role of a teacher. He wants her to push her sexual boundaries, but then an unexpected guest comes into the picture.

Caught Up In You (Loving on the Edge series Book 4)

Kelsey is not looking for a relationship, as the secret sexual fantasies she has are all she needs. After starting culinary school she finds a job where she can start baking. Then she meets her favorite customer who she can’t stop flirting with. Can he do more than just be a flirt? She really needs help.

Crash Into You (Loving on the Edge Series Book 1)

Brynn wants to find her sister, who has gone missing. She knows she is hiding at a BDSM resort, but the only way to get in as an undercover agent, is to be invited by someone from the resort. Too bad the only one she knows it someone from her past who she doesn’t actually want to meet again.

Call on Me

Oakley has worked hard to establish a good life with her daughter. It’s only a matter of time before she lands a better job than the one she has now. But this job, making sexy calls with strangers during the night, is paying for her life right now. When she turns down a relationship with Pike, he finds out what her job is and uses it to get to her.

Need You Tonight

After Tessa is dumped by her husband, she changes her life completely to prove him wrong. To assure herself she is not boring between the sheets, she meets Kade at a singles event. He will teach her what she needs to know. His eager composure, however, changes instantly when he finds out what her name is.

Hot Ticket: A Broken Rockstar Turns the Tables on a Dominatrix to Create the Perfect Harmony (Sinners on Tour Book 3)

We recommend this book to anyone who is aroused by the story of rock music, the men that make the music, and the sex that comes with the scene.

Loving You Easy (A Loving on the Edge Novel Book 9)

Cora’s life in the virtual world “Hayven” is much more exciting than her real life, especially the sexual part of it. Her fantasies can be played out in this virtual reality world, up until her secret is exposed when she is hacked. Will she be forced to make her fantasies real now?

On Mystic Lake

Annie returns to her hometown of Mystic, when her husband decides to leave her on the exact day that their daughter is moving out of the house to go to college. Annie then meets Nick, who is her old boyfriend, but he now has a daughter who is recovering from her mother suddenly dying. Can she resist Nick while helping the daughter? And what role does her own daughter play in this story?

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous: A Novel

Little Dog is a young American with Vietnamese roots. The book is written like a letter that Little Dog is writing to his mother, Hong. She discovers a secret that has been hidden from her all of her life, and now she struggles to survive as a refugee who hardly speaks any English. What will Hong and Little Dog do? And what role does Trevor play in Little Dog’s life?

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