During the dark evenings, blood-curdling horror books always do well. That’s why we give you the top 10 best horror books in this article. Read on and choose your next horror book from this top list …

Best horror books ever

We start our recommendations with the top 10 best Horror books of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

Best Horror BooksAuthor
House of LeavesMark Z. Danielewski
The Haunting of Hill HouseShirley Jackson
The Shining Stephen King
DraculaBram Stoker
A Head Full of Ghosts Paul G. Tremblay
Ghost StoryPeter Straub
The Only Good IndiansStephen Graham Jones
ItStephen King
Heart-Shaped Box: A NovelJoe Hill
Joe Hill Stephen King

The updated top 10 list: the best horror books

The Turn of the Screw (Dover Thrift Editions)

When two young children seem to be communicating with evil ghosts inside an English country estate, the governess who is hired to take care of these children finds herself in a horror situation. The children refuse to acknowledge the existence of the ghosts, but the governess has seen them with her own eyes. What is happening here and will she make it out alive?

The Dark Verse, Vol. 1: From the Passages of Revenants (Imitation Leather)

We think this book is not for the vivid dreamer, because you might sleep a lot less after reading these 26 occult horror stories.

A Discovery of Witches: A Novel

Diane is a witch, and after discovering an alchemical manuscript in a library, a fantastical underworld is reactivated. Will Diane face this new world alone, or will a vampire geneticist help her find her way?

I Am Watching You

When a girl on a train, Anna, goes missing, Ella feels guilty, because she could have prevented it from happening. Anna’s best friend, however, knows more than she has shared with the investigators. Even Anna’s family has a few secrets. And who is sending Ella the letters with threats?

The Devil All the Time

A son, Arvin, is looking for answers after his mother has died from cancer and his father has more faith in his prayer log than in anything else. Then serial killers and fugitives enter the stage. Will the combination of events that happen with these characters lead to any answers for Arvin?

The All Souls Trilogy Boxed Set (All Souls Series)

Deborah Harkness’ best books are in this boxed set: ‘A Discovery of Witches’ (number 3 on our top 10 list), ‘Shadow of the Night’, and ‘The Book of Life’. Our tip: read the books before you decide to watch the series.

The Book Thief 

Liesel’s stealing is her way of life growing up as a poor foster girl. Then she discovers books. Her foster dad helps her to learn to read, and it makes her decide to share her books with others. Even when death is on every corner, there is still good in the world.

Death Note (All-in-One Edition)

This all-in-one edition includes all 12 Death Note volumes. The Death Note is a notebook left behind by a death god. All the people with their names mentioned in the book will end up dead, and Yagami wants to prevent this from happening. Will he reach his goal, or will he become one of the bad guys?

The Dancing Girls: An absolutely gripping crime thriller with nail-biting suspense (Detective Jo Fournier)

There is a serial killer on the loose who like to leave his dead victims behind as dancers. He also takes their wedding bands. When investigator Jo finds there is a link with earlier dead bodies, she is in for a hell of a job to find the serial killer, because no one is supporting her.

The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America

A fair is being built, and a hotel that will accommodate the fair’s guests is constructed at the same time. Both lead to horrific events with women being lured by the hotel’s owner. The new fair should have been a great thing for America, but it ended up being a place for something America didn’t need: a new phenomenon called the serial killer.

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