What are the best Jane Austen novels you must read? You may know her from famous books and films such as Pride & Prejudice, Emma and many other wonderful titles … Let’s have a look at our top 10 from Jane Austen…

Best Jane Austen books of all time

We start our recommendations with the top 10 best books from Jane Austen of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

The Best Jane Austen BooksAuthor
Pride and PrejudiceJane Austen’s 
Sense and SensibilityJane Austen’s 
EmmaJane Austen’s 
PersuasionJane Austen’s 
Northanger AbbeyJane Austen’s 
Mansfield ParkJane Austen’s 
Lady SusanJane Austen’s 
Lady Susan, The Watsons, SanditonJane Austen’s 
The Beautifull CassandraJane Austen’s 
Jane Austen’s LettersJane Austen’s 

The updated top 10 list: the best Jane Austen novels

Sense and Sensibility Jane Austen Classic Novel, (Nineteenth Century Love Story, Required Literature), Ribbon Page Marker, Perfect for Gifting

We like this book, because it is and will always be a classic. You get to read about 2 women who get to discover love and the heartache that often comes with it. This version of the book, however, has a different cover than the normal ones.

Jane Austen on Love and Romance

Finding the right man is not that easy, finding a rich man is even harder. Let Jane Austen tell you all about it in ‘Love and Romance’.

Mansfield Park [with Biographical Introduction]

Fanny lives with her aunt and uncle, who have four children. Her parents weren’t rich, her aunt and uncle are. We follow Fanny and her new family in Mansfield Park, in an age where class was everything.

The Jane Austen Collection by Austen, Jane (2010) Paperback

This box set includes the Jane Austen classics ‘Sense and Sensibility’, ‘Northanger Abbey’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’. We think this is a thoughtful gift for anyone who wants to get to know Jane Austen’s work and the age she writes about.

Jane Austen – The Complete Novels – Special Edition

If you are more into audiobooks, check out this set with of 9 books. They are read out loud to you in chronological order of publication, and the spoken version will give you almost 80 hours of Jane Austen pleasure.

The Complete Novels of Jane Austen (Wordsworth Library Collection)

This book includes: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, and Lady Susan. In our research these titles show up as absolute Jane Austen favorites.

Jane Austen: Seven Novels

This book comprises of the same titles as our previous pick for this top ten list, but it is the outside of this book that will get your attention. It is an authentic bonded leather cover, and it has a ribbon marker.

The Complete Novels (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

This book also has the same contents as the two previously mentioned books on this list, but now this version has French flaps and comes in a special packaging.

Sanditon: Jane Austen’s Last Novel Completed 

Sanditon is a seaside resort, and when Charlotte travels to this place, she meets a lot of special people from different classes. This book is different according to us, because it is Austen’s last book, and it was completed by someone else after Jane Austen had died.

The Complete Works of Jane Austen: (In One Volume) Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Lady … Sandition, and the Complete Juvenilia

In this set you will be able to read all the books that are already mentioned above, but also ‘The Watsons’. They appear chronologically, which lets you experience Jane Austen’s progression in her writing.

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