Are you looking for a good puzzle book? Perhaps a Sudoku, Swedish puzzle, Word Search or another recommendation, for example from Puzzle Time? In this recommended list you will find the best puzzle books for children, adults and the elderly.

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If you’re looking for the best puzzle books of the moment, you’ve come to the right place. From word search and sudokus to Swedish puzzles and mind games, it is just what you like. We have listed them here for you. We start our recommendations with the top 10 best books about Puzzle For Adults & Kids of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

Best Puzzle Books For Adults & KidsAuthor
Everything Kids’ Puzzle BookBeth Blair and Jennifer A. Ericsson
One-Minute Mysteries and Brain Teasers: Good Clean Puzzles for Kids of All AgesJohn Warner and Sandy Silverthorne
100+ Crossword Puzzle Book for Adults Easy!: The Easy Crossword Puzzle Book for Adults and Kids with Brain Teaser Exercise Volume 1! Jay Johnson
Crossword Book Puzzle Solution for kids: Puzzles Book Larg-Print 55 Puzzles 1375 Words Easy for adults and kids ( Have Key Answer )charee missale
Cryptograms Puzzle Books For Adults: A Unique Cryptograms Puzzle Books for Adults Large Print  Volume 1!Omolove Jay
Sudoku Puzzle Book: Over 500 Puzzles for Adults & Kids Including Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert & Extreme Sudoku Deluxe Books Creation & Instruction Team
Ultimate Puzzle Challenge! (Highlights Jumbo Books & Pads)Highlights
Sudoku Puzzles Easy 500: Sudoku Puzzle Book – 500 Puzzles and Solutions for Adults & Kids – Easy Level Tons of Fun for your Brain! Volume 4.MD. Eyasin Ali
Christmas Word Search: Puzzle Book for Adults and Kids. Large Jumbo Print Games…Loads of Holiday Fun (Description) Higher View Creations
Train Your Brain Sudoku Puzzle Games: 200 Easy Puzzle Book, Sudoku Puzzle Gift, Brain Teasers for For Kids and Adults Lilou’s Collection

The big brain teasers and mind games books: our recently updated top 10 list

These are the best puzzle books for anyone who likes to fully dive into brain teasers, riddles, and other challenging mind games. It consists of different levels of difficulty so that there is something for everyone.

The top 10 list: the best puzzle books

USA TODAY Jumbo Puzzle Book 2: 400 Brain Games for Every Day (Volume 11) (USA Today Puzzles)

If you do a puzzle a day, this puzzle book will last you over a year. With 400 brain games this puzzle book is the ultimate mix of everything your brain needs to stay in shape.

The Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book for Adults: Crosswords, Sudoku, Cryptograms, Word Searches, and More!

Challenging your brain is an important factor of growing old with an in-shape brain. Each puzzle has a different goal and activates the brain in a special way. The explanations make clear what each puzzle is for.

Large Print Merriam-Webster Puzzles 10 Booklet Set

We think this set of 10 puzzle books is unique, because of the size of the numbers and letters they are printed in. When you get older you want to be able to read and puzzle without having to use a magnifying glass. This puzzle book set now makes that possible.

Ultimate Mind Games: With Over 400 Puzzles

There are more than 400 different puzzles in the ‘Ultimate Mind Games’ book. Test your mind and keep your brain working by doing puzzles and challenging yourself to do more difficult ones each day.

KAPPA Super Saver LARGE PRINT Word Search Puzzle Pack – (Pack of 6) Full Size Books

This pack includes six puzzle books, and just like number three on this top ten list, it is printed in larger letters and numbers than usual. It is easier for the eyes, and you can keep enjoying your puzzle hobby with this set.

Circles. Puzzle book with 200 round objects

If you are looking for a puzzle book for your 3 to 7 year old child, then we suggest you check out ‘Circles’. This is a puzzle book with only round objects, like circles and spheres.

Highlights Puzzle Fun Collection 2021 4-Book Set

These brain teasers are the perfect puzzles to keep your child busy for a while. Let them develop their thinking skills by all the different challenges in these four puzzle books.

399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young

With several diseases that affect the functioning of the brain drastically, it is even more important nowadays to do everything you can to keep your brain healthy. So what better way is there, than to do it with games and puzzles? We like this book, because the exercises given are aimed especially at keeping your brain healthy and young.

Totally Awesome Mazes and Puzzles: Over 200 Brain-bending Challenges

This puzzle and maze book is suitable for children ages of 6 to 9. There are more than 200 exercises that shape the brain, from number puzzles to word searches and everything in between.

Funster 500+ Word Search Puzzles for Adults: Word Search Book for Adults with a Huge Supply of Puzzles

If you want to buy one puzzle book that will keep you busy the rest of the year, then we think this puzzle book for adults is the right one for you. Let the puzzles work its magic on your brain and feel relaxed after completing each one of the 500 puzzles.

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