What are the best spiritual children’s books? Children are by nature very spiritual beings. Actually, adults need spiritual books. Still, this booklist offers many fun options to get started with spirituality and anthroposophy with your child. Read along…

Here you will find the best spiritual children’s books

If you would like to teach your child (ren) more about a spiritual way of life, this list of the best spiritual children’s books may help you. We start our recommendations with the top 10 best Spiritual Children’s books of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

Best Spiritual Children’s BooksAuthor
The Spiritual Life of ChildrenRobert Coles
The Book of Miracles Lawrence Kushner
How To Raise A Spiritual Child Karoline Streck
Real Kids, Real Faith: Practices for Nurturing Children’s Spiritual Lives Karen-Marie Yust
The Gospel of the Kingdom for Kids, Tweens and Teens Lauren Caldwell
365 Read-Aloud Bedtime Bible Stories Daniel Partner
Catholic Prayer Book for ChildrenJulianne M. Will
The Gospel Is a Children’s StoryElliot Alexander
Miracles of the BibleJude Winkler
Unseen: The Armor of God for Kids Leader GuidePriscilla Shirer

The updated top 10 list: the best spiritual children’s books

Spiritual Child

If you could teach your child about spirituality, research has shown that it will be able to lead a happier and healthier life. This book by Lisa J. Miller offers practical advice for you as a parent. This should be part of everyone’s upbringing.

Joining Children on the Spiritual Journey: Nurturing a Life of Faith (BridgePoint Books)

The previous book on our top ten list was aimed at parents, but this book is written for a bigger audience, because it also includes teachers and religion educators how to explore spirituality as a child.

The Earth Child’s Handbook – Book 1: Crafts and inspiration for the spiritual child. (Volume 1)

We like this handbook, because it contains activities and crafts for several spiritual paths. The variety in recipes and assignments (craft projects, puzzles, word searches, coloring pages) makes this handbook a joy for all ages. Even adults might like its creative approach of stimulating spirituality.

The Magic of Me: A Kids’ Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness

Have you thought about what values you want to teach your child? This spiritual guide is written by an absolute expert on child health, and its covers topics, among many others, like friendship, healthy eating, bullies and self-love.

Listening to Children on the Spiritual Journey: Guidance for Those Who Teach and Nurture

When two experts work together on a book about children and spirituality, you can be sure its contents are useful. They talk about the research that has been done on how to nurture the faith of a child as an adult.

Spiritual Conversations with Children: Listening to God Together

This book is written from a Christian point of view, and it offers adults advice on how to start spiritual conversations with your child. What you start today will have a huge effect on the rest of your and your child’s life.

Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions

If a child’s morality is set when it is nine years old, then the time before that should be spent educating and familiarizing the child with spirituality and religion. This book hopes to unify both parents and the church to combine their efforts in a child’s spiritual development.

The Daily Question for You and Your Child: A Three-Year Spiritual Journal

This is a journal with 365 questions that will cover three years of your child’s life. What we like about this journal, is that you answer the questions together and then fill in the pages of the journal.

The Spiritual Life of Children

Do you really know what goes on inside a child’s mind when it comes to spirituality and religion? Robert Coles has managed to answer this exact question by using the words and pictures from children instead of writing from an adult’s perspective. This makes a lot of sense on what your child thinks and feels.

Children’s Ministry on Purpose: A Purpose Driven Approach to Lead Kids toward Spiritual Health

Pastor Steve Adams shares his knowledge, experience and views on how to develop a program for children’s ministries. Let the activities you organize with much passion be more intentional by reading the contents of this book. It will inspire you to do better.

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