What are the most inspiring spiritual/esoteric novels we recommend? Read on for the list of best and most inspiring spiritual storybooks.

Best Spiritual Novels

Check out our top 10 of the best spiritual novels for a story with deeper meaning. We start our recommendations with the top 10 best Spiritual Novels of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

Top 10 Spiritual NovelsAuthor
The Four AgreementsDon Miguel Ruiz
The Artists WayJulia Cameron
 The Power of NowEckhart Tolle
Man’s Search for MeaningViktor Frankl
 The Mastery of LoveDon Miguel Ruiz
The Untethered SoulMichael Singer
The AlchemistPaulo Coelho
The Art of HappinessDalai Lama
 Eat, Pray, LoveElizabeth Gilbert
 Conversations with GodNeale Donald Walsch

The updated top 10 list: the best spiritual novels

On The Edge: A Novel of Spiritual Warfare

When feelings of hope and love are being overruled by those of greed, hate and temptation, life can get pretty hard for Richard Sullivan’s family. Will all family members be able to move away from negativity before it’s too late?

The Spiritual World of Jezebel and Elijah: Biblical Background to the Novel Jezebel: Harlot Queen of Israel

There is more to the Bible story of Elijah and Jezebel than most people think. Learn about the spiritual world that is hidden inside the Bible by discovering what happened between Elijah and Jezebel.

When Leaves Fall: A Spiritual Novel

When Laura discovers she has cancer and it is in an advanced stage, she finds peace in an old church. Here she meets a priest that asks more of her than her original faith. What will this priest teach her about spirituality?

The Spirit of Rejection: A Spiritual Warfare Novel (Demon Strongholds Series)

Vincent and Heather decide they can’t keep the baby that is growing in her body. Being unwanted, though, makes the baby vulnerable for demons that are looking for a new home. Will the parents of this unborn child cross the spiritual line that makes it possible for the demon to invade the womb?

The Spirit of Ugly: A Spiritual Warfare Novel (The Demon Strongholds Series Book 3)

Hideous is a demon who does wonders making women feel ugly and unwanted. When Myra arrives at the Council of Hatred of all Women, it is Lord Vicious’ goal to destroy her. Then someone gets in the way of these plans being executed, but will that save Myra?

Saints On Fire: A Spiritual Warfare Novel

Annihilation, Bluff, Mayhem and Slavery are fighting out their spiritual warfare in some of Atlanta’s neighborhoods until the blue mist of the Holy Spirit appears. God works in mysterious ways, but can he save everyone in Atlanta? 

Mystic Warrior: A Novel Beyond Time and Space (Spiritual Fiction – Visionary Thriller – Metaphysical Novel) 

When mercenaries are threatening to use a nuclear device Alec Thorn needs to learn to trust his spiritual skills to stop the terrorists from their plan to end the world.

Spiritual Awakening: This Book Includes: Open Third Eye & 7 Chakras Through Guided Meditation & Breathing Techniques. Develop Psychic Abilities, Empath Healing & Clairvoyance with Kundalini Awakening.

We recommend this audiobook to anyone who wants to develop their spiritual side. The guided meditations will help you discover your personal power, and they will lead to a more balanced body and mind.

The Dalai Lama’s Cat and The Four Paws of Spiritual Success (Dalai Lama’s Cat Series Book 4)

If you long to return to the pure being that you naturally were when you were born, then we think this book can support you on that journey.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Eckhart Tolle is the master of being in the moment. ‘The Power of Now’ might well be his most famous work. Find your path in life by letting go of all that occupies your mind.

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