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Our book awards and overviews originate from our love for reading books. Together with our editors, we gather the best books around the world. These recommendation lists are based on our verdict, news paper reviews, our editor’s picks and sales numbers.

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Most shared top 10 lists

How did we select our top 10? Our criteria for awarding these books

In order to select & award our top 10 books, we paid careful attention to the following criteria:

  • The quality of the texts: is it well written?
  • Sales numbers & the popularity of the book.
  • Newspaper reviews: has it been received well?
  • The amount of good examples and imagery in the book.
  • The amount of good and practical knowledge about the subject.
  • The number of years of experience that the author has about the topic.
  • Reader reviews: how much did the worldwide audience love this book?
  • Our personal opinion: we let our editors read the book thoroughly and we asked them: does it appeal to you?
  • The actuality of the book: are the tips and informational bits in this book dated or still relevant for modern day readers?

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