What are really nice books to read? Whether it’s thrillers, love novels, non-fiction books or the best books ever: here you will find our best book recommendations. Read along…

In this article we have given you a colorful collection of the best books. It’s a bit of everything – that’s what makes this list so much fun.

The top 10 list: the nicest & most fun books recommendations

The Midnight Library: A Novel

‘The Midnight Library’ is a book that really makes you think: Would your life have been that much better if you had taken a different road? This story lets you experience the many lives we could have lived by showing it in this library’s book collection.

The Richest Man in Babylon

If you are facing financial issues and you need some inspiration, then this is the next book you should read. It is written in a simple language that anyone can understand, and you can learn and improve your situation with the contents of ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’.

Bedding The Wrong Brother (Bedding the Bachelors, Book 1) 

Have you ever been confused by seeing twins and thinking they really do resemble each other perfectly? That is what happens when Melina Parker wants advice from Max, but ends up in bed with his twin brother Rhys. Could the situation become any more complicated (and funny) than this?

Killing Crazy Horse: The Merciless Indian Wars in America (Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Series)

If you are interested in what happened to the Native Americans over 200 years ago, then we suggest you read ‘Killing Crazy Horse’. Some of the historical moments described in this book have never been shared with you before.

The Evening and the Morning (Kingsbridge Book 4)

When England is being attacked by both the East and West at the end of the first millennium, there is no real justice system when everyone with power just breaks and bends the rules in their own favor. The lives of the three people in this story are more connected than they thought.

Sold on a Monday: A Novel

This book is based on a true story, and it all starts with a photo taken from a sign outside a farmhouse saying: “2 Children for Sale”. Find out what happens when the photographer gets famous for taking this picture.

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek: A Novel

A Pack Horse Library Project is the only reason that books still arrive at Troublesome Creek. All the other things they need don’t make it to the people that live there. When Cussy is the one who brings the books by horse, she has to stand her ground to be accepted as an outsider.


Lowen is hired to finish the books that bestselling writer Verity Crawford once started. When going through all the papers she finds an autobiography that really stirs things up. Will she tell Verity’s husband about what she found out? (Warning: not suitable for under 18).

The Alchemist, 25th Anniversary: A Fable About Following Your Dream

Santiago is a shepherd and he is looking for treasure, but the treasure he finds on his travels are not the ones he was initially hoping to find. They are even better than expected.

1984 (Signet Classics), Book Cover May Vary

This book was written when 1984 was still far away. It pictures a future where governments do everything they can to control the people. This book makes you wonder if times are really that much different now than what the writer originally portrayed in his vision for the future.

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