Are you looking for beautiful, exciting Christian novels? In this list you will find the best Christian fiction books or true stories. Read along…

Discover our top ten best Christian novels

In our top ten of the best Christian novels, you will find the most beautiful, fun and interesting books to dream away with. We start our recommendations with the top 10 best Christian Novels of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

Top 10 Christian NovelsAuthor
A Light on the HillConnilyn Cossette
Shelter of the Most HighConnilyn Cossette
Redeeming Love Francine Rivers
Treasured GraceTracie Peterson
The Hiding PlaceCorrie Ten Boom
Isaiah’s DaughterMesu Andrews
The Heart’s AppealJennifer Delamere
Together ForeverJody Hedlund
A Lineage of GraceFrancine Rivers
The Pilgrim’s ProgressJohn Bunyan

The updated top 10 list: the best Christian novels

The Prayer Box (A Carolina Heirlooms Novel)

Tandi is cleaning out the house of an old lady that has just died. She finds some old prayer boxes, and there is one for almost every year of the lady’s life. What will Tandi find in those boxes? And what is the lesson she will learn from the prayer boxes?

Bridge to Haven: A Novel (A Riveting Historical Christian Fiction Romance Set in 1950s Hollywood)

Abra is turning in to Hollywood’s favorite sweetheart, and in order to make it big time, she has left everything behind from her past. Now she longs for home and to heal the wounds from her past.

EVERY GOOD GIFT: A Contemporary Christian Mystery and Suspense Novel (Adam Cross Suspense) 

Adam survived a tragedy and rebuilt his life after that as well as he could. When another tragedy happens, everything points to the fact that this is – again – not just an accident. Will Adam’s belief in God help him through hardship?

Paralyzed (A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel Book 2)

‘Paralyzed’ is the story of Kennedy, who did not only survive being abducted, but is now also trying to stay safe from the one who is coming after her to silence her. Can she survive both physically and psychologically from this terrible situation?

Unintended Witness (Unintended Series Christian Suspense Novels Book 2)

After Chloe had a near-death experience, she decides to visit her father. She hasn’t seen him since he left her twenty-five years ago. Then there is a murder and Chloe teams up with her father’s law associate to find out what really happened. Can she handle all the secrets that she discovers along the way?

Unplanned (A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel Book 1) 

Like the fourth book on our top ten list, this is another one about Kennedy. She volunteers at a pregnancy center when she is contacted by a young girl who needs her help. Can she save the young girl and stay safe herself?

The Masterpiece: A Novel (A Redemptive, Character-Driven, Contemporary Christian Fiction Romance Novel)

Roman and Grace both have their ghosts from the past and secrets they hide from the rest of the world, especially from each other. Will they open up and accept each other finally, or will they let the secrets between them keep them apart forever?

Identity Theft (Alaskan Refuge Christian Suspense Novel)

Lacy escapes to Alaska to hide from everything and everyone. No-one can ever find out what her secret is. Then her past keeps coming back to her. Is Alaska still the perfect hiding place? Or is it time to move again for her own safety?

When Troubled Souls Meet: An Inspirational Historical Romance Book

Would you risk it all for love? Find out what Jill and Toby go through as they both have their secrets and one of those secrets could even be life-threatening. They care for and love each other, but will that be enough for their relationship to survive?

Though I Stumble (A Promises of God Novel Book 1)

The Living Word conference is the center of the stage where the four women in this book meet. Each struggling with their own problems, they form a new friendship over the weekend. Can their faith in God and their friendship be enough to deal with their challenges?

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