What are the best books in which you learn skills about make-up and beauty? For many people, it is a special mission to help others with their appearance. Read on for our top picks in this educational book genre.

The best beauty books of all time

We start our recommendations with the top 10 best books about beauty & make-up of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

Best beauty & make-up booksAuthor
Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself François Nars
The Make-up Manual: Your beauty guide for brows, eyes, skin, lips and moreLisa Potter-Dixon
Face Paint: The Story of Makeup Lisa Eldridge
Makeup MasterclassRae Morris
Make It Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin CareMarie Rayma
Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success–Online and OffMichelle Phan 
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown Beauty from the Inside Out: Makeup * Wellness * ConfidenceBobbi Brown 
Best in Beauty: An Ultimate Guide to Makeup and Skincare Techniques, Tools, and Products Riku Campo 
Makeup Makeovers: Expert Secrets for Stunning TransformationsRobert Jones

The top 10 list: the best books about make-up and beauty

Bobbi Brown Beauty from the Inside Out: Makeup * Wellness * Confidence (Modern Beauty Books, Makeup Books for Girls, Makeup Tutorial Books)

This lifestyle guide is more than just a book on makeup. It teaches you how to glow on the inside, which will show on the outside. Beauty, food, fitness and relaxation are key to feeling beautiful.

DIY Makeup and Homemade Beauty Products: The All-Natural, Chemical-Free Cosmetics Book

If you are someone that loves to make their own products, then we think this is exactly the right book for cosmetics. Decide what ingredients you allow in your beauty products, by trying some of the recipes in this book.

Makeup Chart: Blank Make Up Face Charts Organizer & Planner, Perfect For Personal Use & Professional Makeup Artists, Plan, Record, Note Pad 

This organizer helps you record the makeup that you like and that you want to be able to apply again. There are 100 pages, and these can also be perfect to try out a new look before putting it on your face.

Ageless Beauty: The Skin Care and Make Up Guide for Women and Teens of Color

All skin types are different, and we like this book, because it is written specifically for teens and women of color. Choose the products that are best for your type of hair and skin, take care of your body, and enjoy the way you look.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro

Benefit from Bobbi Brown’s experience with this book on how to apply your makeup. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time trying makeup on, or if you have done it half your life, we can all learn something from Bobbi.

Face Paint: The Story of Makeup

Have you ever wondered when people started with using makeup? Lisa Eldridge did some research and found out that makeup has only been available commercially since the last 100 years, but makeup is much older than that. Find out the who and why of makeup’s history.

About Face: Amazing Transformations Using the Secrets of the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist

Scott Barnes is a professional makeup artist, and he has worked with many celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez who is on the cover of this book. Discover makeup techniques that highlight your unique features.

My Makeup Practice Book: Basic face charts to practice makeup and coloring for kids and young aspiring makeup artists

Children see their mother put on makeup. Then one day they get a hold of the lipstick and the damage is done. To keep your walls and the rest of the interior safe from the experimental phase of children and makeup, try giving them this book instead. Just let them practice this way.

The Make-up Manual: Your beauty guide for brows, eyes, skin, lips and more

Lisa Potter-Dixon doesn’t just teach you how, where and why to apply makeup, she also tells you about a good skincare routine and the importance of it. Her tips will help you keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

About Face: The Life and Times of Dottie Ponedel, Make-up Artist to the Stars

Dottie Ponedel was a makeup artist from the 1930s to the 1950s, and she worked with many famous people in the movie industry. This is her autobiography.

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