What are the best books you can read to learn more about dating, hooking up, and flirting? This book list includes both classics and modern recommendations. Read along…

Discover the best flirting books on dating and flirting

With this list of the best flirting books about dating and flirting, you’ll learn exactly what to do to never get caught in the blue again. We start our recommendations with the top 10 best books about Dating & Flirting of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

Best Books About Dating & FlirtingAuthor
Stop Doubting, Start DatingDave Bowden
The Man’s Guide to WomenJohn Gottman’s
The GameNeil Strauss
What Women Want In A ManBrruce Bryans
The Art of SeductionRobert Greene
Conversation CasanovaDave Prerrota
What to Talk to Girls AboutDave Bowden
The Dating Playbook For MenAndrew Ferebee
How to Text a GirlChase Amante

The updated top 10 list: the best recent books about flirting

How to Flirt with Women: Essential guide on seduction, dating and sexy conversation for men, filled with advice and secrets to master the art of flirting and relationships

Is there an art to flirting? According to this book by Timothy Blake there is. He explains what techniques to use when flirting with women. Getting the attention of the opposite sex is only step one, but it is the most important part of the process.

My Terrifying, Shocking, Humiliating, Amazing Adventures in Online Dating: The Ultimate ‘How to’ Advice Guidebook of New Rules, Ideas, Tips and … Date Apps (Recommended Paperback 2020)

If online dating is new to you, you might be in for a surprise. This book will tell you that your dating profile should definitely not look like your LinkedIn profile, and that apps can be a huge step forward in your search for the next date or relationship.

The Dating Playbook For Men: A Proven 7 Step System To Go From Single To The Woman Of Your Dreams

Have you tried everything, but can you still not find the right woman for you? Then we think ‘The Dating Playbook for Men’ could be helpful. Follow the seven steps and develop the skills it takes to be successful on a romantic level.

Conversation Casanova: How to Effortlessly Start Conversations and Flirt Like a Pro

Being self-confident when meeting women is not always easy for men. The ‘Conversation Casanova’ focuses on your conversations with women, and that after reading this book it won’t cost as much effort as it has up until now.

Flirting with Women: 1,700 Tips on Flirting with Women like a Pro

Improve your flirting skills with these 1,700 tips, and you will start attracting women like a pro. Are there techniques you can use? Yes, there are. You will see the transformation you have gone through once you notice the effects.

THE Book on Dating: Strategies Every Guy Should Know

Whether you are looking for a casual date or a long-lasting relationship, this book can help you get into contact with women easily and with confidence. The strategies mentioned can be applied by everyone.

Mars and Venus on a Date: A Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving and Lasting Relationship

There are five stages to dating, and knowing them can be useful if you are deciding if a date has the possibility to turn into a real relationship. This guide will help you make the most out of your dating adventures.

Letters to a Romantic: On Dating

If you are new to dating, this book can come in handy, because it discusses some of the most basic questions you might have on dating and relationships.

Lion on the Job (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 21)

Meeting someone to date can be easy if it accidentally happens while you are out on a job. That’s what happens to Genevieve Monroe when she visits a lion pride for a couple of weeks. She didn’t plan to fall in love, but it’s hard to resist Remy Leandros.

Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

When an exchange student makes his appearance during senior year, Jessica Packwood changes from an American teenager into a European vampire. What happened to her fiancé? And can she win him back?

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