Which bookmarks are really nice, original, beautiful and/or luxurious? On this page we have listed the best recommendations for you. Read on and choose your bookmark for your book …

2) The top 10 list: the best bookmarks

The most fun, original, luxurious, and funny bookmarks for your book

A bookmark seems such a simple thing. Some people don’t even use a bookmark and just fold the page where they left off. Do you still borrow books from the library or are you more economical with your books? Then one of the bookmarks below is a good idea.

The top 10 list: the best bookmarks

Skonhed 3D Cartoon Animals Bookmark with Gift Box,Personalized and Funny Bookmark,Animals Bookmark Stationery for Kids and Students, Reading Presents, Party Favors,Book Lovers (Seal)

This fun bookmark comes in the shape of a cartoon animal, and the hands and head stick out of the book your put it in. The rest of the body is what is between the pages, and that is why it stays in place.

Lastword Bookmarks – Elastic bookmark Perfect for Any Book – book markers for women – bookmarks for men – bookmarks for kids – Don’t Lose Your Mark, Design Made in Italy book marks (Yellow)

Lastword Bookmarks do exactly what they say. You pull the elastic band over the book and page where you are at, and the arrow can be placed on the exact height of the sentence you were reading.

Livin Harmony || Inspiring Illustrated Bookmarks || Great Book Markers for Book Lovers, Girls, Kids, Teens, Women, and Everyone! (12 or 60) || Made in The USA

If you want a set of fairy tale bookmarks, then we recommend this inspirational pack of 12. It fits perfectly between the pages of the book you are reading or diary.

Sprout Little Green Bookmarks Mini Green Sprout Bookmarks Silicone Grass Buds Bookmarks Creative Gifts for Bookworm Book Lovers Reading (Green 8pcs)

A gardener or nature lover will go crazy for these bookmarks. They are shaped like a stem with two leaves at the top, and because of the silicone material that is used, they last a long time.

Doraking 30PCS Vintage Map Paper Bookmarks for Book Lovers, Boxed Retro Map Bookmarks Set (Tracing Tour)

Travelers, geography teachers or fans of old maps; this set of bookmarks with a vintage look will inspire everyone, and there are 30 of them in this pack.

Livin Harmony || Inspiring Illustrated Bookmarks || Great Book Markers for Book Lovers, Girls, Kids, Teens, Women, and Everyone! (12 or 60) || Made in The USA

The twelve bookmarks in this set have decorative elements, like feathers or leaves, but some also have inspirational words or drawings on them, like books, girls or a fireplace. 

Konrisa Cute Zodiac Metal Feather Bookmark Luminous Constellation Personalized Bookmarks Reading Book Lovers Gift for Mother,Friends,Avid Reader (Pisces)

If you like handmade products, then check out this silver-plated feather. This is the part you stick between the pages of your book, and the colorful bead will be visible on the outside of your book. 

Livin Harmony || Amazing Fractal Bookmarks || Great Book Markers for Book Lovers. Girls, Boys, Kids, Teens, Women, Men and Everyone! (12 or 60) || Made in The USA (12)… (12)

This set of bookmarks is decorated with elements from nature. You will see patterns that make you think of frozen lakes, shapes from leaves, and other colors and shapes. Some are symmetrical, others are more organic patterns.

4 Pieces Leather Heart Bookmark Page Corner Genuine Leather Bookmark Personalized Handmade Reading Book Marker with Velvet Bag for Bookworm Book Lover Gifts

If you need a unique and meaningful present for your friend or soul mate, then take a look at these four lovely heart-shaped bookmarks that go around the corner of a page. They are made of leather, so they will last a lifetime.

Line Markers Novelty Fun Magnetic Bookmark Page Holder Book Lover Reading Gift – Thoughtful and Nerdy

What we like about these bookmarks is that they are magnetic. In the middle of the bookmark there is a space, and this automatically points you to where you left of when you closed the book.

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