What are the best books on mediumship? In these top 10, you will find useful books written by mediums, with which they provide different methods and handles so that you can use your intuition yourself and thus go through life as a medium. Read more…

Best psychic books ever

We start our recommendations with the top 10 best books about on Mediums & Psychic Abilities of all time. This list has been updated this year, including all the recent titles.

Best Books on Mediums & Psychic AbilitiesAuthor
When Heaven Calls Matt Fraser
Spirit BabiesWalter Makichen
Life on the Other SideSylvia Browne
Dangerous Games to Play in the DarkLucia Peters
Testimony of Light: An Extraordinary Message of Life After DeathHelen Greaves
The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic DevelopmentChristopher Penczak
Psychic Development for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Developing & Releasing Your Psychic Abilities William W. Hewitt
Prophecy: What the Future Holds for You, Lindsay Harrison
The Premonition Code: The Science of Precognition, How Sensing the Future Can Change Your Life Theresa Cheung
There Is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce Thomas Sugrue

The updated top 10 list: the best books about mediumship

The Compassionate Medium: The Most Important Book On Mediums and Mediumship

This book tells the story of how a medium can connect two worlds. Jake Samoyedny shares his personal experiences of the lives he was able to change because of his readings. Grief, despair and guilt were formed into something more positive for the people that visited him.

Notes on Mediumship

We like this book, because it has been written with in the back of the writer’s mind those who cannot follow expensive courses or those who are not in the opportunity to visit the Arthur Findlay College. Learn about mediumship by exploring the chapters in ‘Notes on Mediumship’ by Ruth Kidson.

Beginning Mediumship Workbook: How to Develop your Mediumship Skills

If you want to do a workshop on mediumship, the Carole Anne is your go-to teacher. She organizes real workshops, but she has also included some of the exercises that are part of her workshop on being a medium in this book. It is aimed at everyone who wants to begin with developing psychic abilities.

Mediumship Mastery: The Mechanics of Receiving Spirit Communications: The Ultimate Guide

‘Mediumship Mastery’ is your guide when you want to start healing others through the development of your mediumistic skills. There are 84 exercises to start your communication as a medium.

Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Communicating with the Spirit World

We recommend this book by Konstanza Morning Star, because of the clear process that shares on how to become a medium. You get information from an expert, and the exercises will help you understand how a medium works and what you need to succeed at your mediumship.

The Book on Mediums

Allan Cardac experienced firsthand that there is more than the physical world we live in. He communicated with the spiritual world and was so convinced of life after death after a few sessions, that he decided to write a book about it. You don’t expect this, but ‘The Book on Mediums’ was published in 1861.

Intuitive Studies: A Complete Course in Mediumship

Not everyone is in touch with his spiritual side, let alone receive messages from the other side. If this is something you would like to achieve, then ‘Intuitive Studies’ could be the ideal starting point.

Why Are We Here?: Reflections on Life from a Spiritual Medium

Daniel John is an experienced and licensed medium, and in this book he gives you the answers to some of life’s most difficult questions: Why are we here? What is life’s purpose? Daniel’s story can lead you to your path of discovering your big why.

Spirit Energy: Table tipping, trumpet voices, trance channeling and other phenomena of physical mediumship

The energy of the spirit world can take physical forms, and in this guide you will read about what to look for. Several techniques of physical mediumship are pointed out. It also includes a guide on how to develop your own approach.

An Introduction to Mediumship: Hay House Mediums on the Topics that Matter Most

This introduction is written by several authorities on mediumship. It discusses the basics of why there are mediums, how to find one, what signs you can get from heaven, and how to find your own spirit guide in this life.

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